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Love is probably the most wonderful thing in the whole world. God is Love. Love pushes us to be better individuals for the people we value the most, and it elevates us into understanding a deeper sense of our being. Love is an experience unique to man. It is a manifestation of the human faculties that we have; of our intellect and our free will, since we choose who and what to love and prompt ourselves to embody that emotion. Hence, by the act of love, we have come to realize that “it is not good for man to be alone”, and through the Lord's spiritual union the two who unite can accomplish more than the individual alone. Even the Beatles proclaimed that amidst everything in this world “all we (really) need is love”.



One of the most wonderful and probably the most special manifestations of love is marriage; where a man and a woman deeply drawn towards each other officially tie the knot to be together forever. This is a special moment that should be treasured forever, not only for our memories, but to inspire other people to share, experience and witness this great feeling of love. What better way to chronicle your special event than making it timeless through still photographs, capturing the true feeling and spirit of that love. Only the best should capture the best of your life’s moments, and True Life Fotos fit that requirement perfectly!



True Life Fotos is known for the best photographers with the highest technical skills and the top-notch equipment for the quality wedding photography you’ve been dreaming of in the whole Westchester County, Putnam and Dutchess and surrounding area. True Life Fotos is owned by renowned producer, director and photographer Ron Buffone DP that houses a wealth of credentials and spectacular projects to his name. He has worked in the entertainment industry with impressive production credits, working with various internationally-renowned artists, both in television and film. Experience, technical ability, and creativity is the main allure of True Life Fotos, which have propelled them to the top of the industry. Their products and services are the best in the market which will leave any one in awe. Surely, you deserve the best on your wedding day. The best way to make your memories timeless is through True Life Fotos.



True Life Fotos only uses the best equipment for your wedding photography to ensure the best possible quality. Testimonies from our customers rave about the unique service that we provide. We understand the intimacy and value of your special day, that’s why we assure you of the quality and creative attention to detail that we offer. After all, love makes all of these things happen. We passionately love photography, and would love to be your photographer when you declare your love in the altar.



Exceeding our clients expectations in the New York Tri-State area, Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess County, and destination weddings worldwide, True Life Fotos really know how to stand out above the rest. Their artistic style is exciting and fun, offering a unique perspective, capturing your priceless moments with feeling, grace, power, nostalgia and timeless elegance. That is the True Life Fotos difference.